United Left
La Gauche Unie
Te Kotahimauī
Unitedleft logo
Party Leader Daniel Lucent
Party Chair Justine Mack
Deputy Party Leader Maxime Duroy
Chief Whip none
Founded 5 May 2010
Headquarters 110 Carolside, Madaline
Nation Berringsland
Political Ideology Democratic socialism
Political Position Left
Primary International Affiliation Socialist International
Secondary International Affiliations none
Colours ff0000

The United Left is a democratic socialist party formed near the final stages of the Provisional Assembly era, formed from the merger of the Communist Party of Berringsland, the Radical Republican Party, and certain members of the Movement for Social Democracy. It is currently the lower partner in a coalition agreement with the Christian Democrats to form government.

Foundation Edit

In April 2010, an article was published in the Johnstown Free Press entitled A United Left? discussing the possibilities of a CPB-RRP merger. Shortly after, noise was heard amongst RRP and CPB private circles that there was support for such a move.

With the RRP, CPB, and MSD all struggling to maintain quality activity in the Provisional Assembly, the three parties tentatively agreed to a collective merger. However, with increased activity in the MSD, certain members moved away from the merger with some moving into the coalition (e.g., Graham Boyd) and others opting to remain in the MSD (e.g., Jasmina Pavlic). The United Left still moved forward, and within their first day in formation, an IOR poll put them as the would-be Official Opposition to a Christian Democrat government in The Beacon [1].

Only a couple of days after the Constitution of Berringsland was ratified by the Provisional Assembly, Daniel Lucent was acclaimed as the party leader. Maxime Duroy took the Finance portfolio for the party, Graham Boyd took control of Foreign Affairs, and Josie Koevira stood as the party's spokeswoman for Interior issues. Silei Silvaiinaea was named as the non-Cabinet level party spokesperson for First Nations issues.

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